Keynote 2023 Apple's event on September 12

 Keynote 2023: what to expect from Apple's event on September 12

IPhone 15

The Apple keynote on September 12 is just around the corner and the iPhone 15 and all its versions will finally be released. In addition, the Cupertino firm surely has many surprises in store. This is everything you can expect from the Wonderlust event . 

On September 12, the classic Apple September keynote will finally take place where the new iPhone and its versions will be presented. 

Under the motto Wonderlust , which literally means Passion for Wonders, it seems that the firm wants to reflect the great new devices that it will bring this year. In addition, the Cupertino company plays with the word Wonderlist , a widely used term for wish lists.

Now, beyond the next flagship, Apple is sure to have many new features and surprises in store at this event. 

It's time to take out the crystal ball and venture with what the firm led by Tim Cook can present on September 12. 

What we can expect from the 2023 Apple Keynote?

The only thing that is clear about Apple's Wonderlust event is that the iPhone 15 and its different versions will be seen . That is, iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max —or iPhone 15 Ultra, as the latest rumors suggest
Beyond this, the rest is mere speculation. 

In any case, seeing that Apple always has an ace up its sleeve and always presents some other device, it is possible that we will see a new Apple Watch, the next iteration of the AirPods, a MacBook or new iPads. 

It's time to see each of them in detail. 

The new iPhone 15 and its versions

The most relevant thing and the only thing confirmed is that the iPhone 15 and its different versions will be seen. 

There is a lot to say about the flagship, such as the absence of physical buttons, which will be replaced by a haptic vibration motor with response to touch, the need to incorporate USB-C to comply with European regulation, a thinner design or a camera which would finally have a telephoto lens in its most premium version, to give it even more value. 

Regarding this there are different versions we can expect , the logical thing is that Apple bets on 4 devices, each of them with more features than the previous one and that would respond to the name of iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro or iPhone 15 Ultra , in order to conform to the naming of its top range products such as the Apple Watch Ultra. 

A new Apple Watch Ultra?

And speaking of Apple's smartwatch, one of the surprises at the event could be an Apple Watch Ultra 2. 

It wouldn't be unreasonable. In the end, the first generation was presented at Apple's 2022 keynote and has had a fantastic reception, so it is possible that this next generation will make an appearance. 

A new Apple Watch Series 9

The little that is rumored about the device is that New apple watch series 9 can have a MicroLED panel to improve the screen. For the rest, it would maintain design and features. 

It is also possible that the next generation of smartwatch for the masses will be seen. That is, the Apple Watch Series 9. 

September is where these devices are generally presented, so it is possible that they will make an appearance. 

Regarding its features, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman believes that it will be a discrete evolution, but it could incorporate a blood glucose sensor, which would make it a perfect device for diabetics. 

New AirPods

There are very few rumors about the 4th generation AirPods , but considering Apple's schedule, they may be an ace up their sleeve. 

For information : the first generation was launched in 2016, the second in 2019 and the third in 2021. Following this rule, it is normal for them to be presented at the presentation of 23, seeing how they have cut from 3 to 2 years , but nothing is clear. 

there are no leaks or rumors that suggest what specifications they will have. This means that either Apple has managed to keep everything under lock and key, or that they will not be making an appearance at the September 12 event.

Is a new Macbook coming?

This is, without a doubt, the device that is least likely to appear in the 2023 keynote .

There is no information on the Internet and MacBooks are generally presented either at the June conference or a few months before, but September and Apple computers have never gotten along. 

Of course, there have been some years in which MacBooks have been seen in September. If so, the most logical thing is to see a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air or MacBook Mini with the M3 processor , the next generation of Apple's own processors


Finally, another device that could make an appearance is an iPad. More specifically an iPad Mini. 

Inside you could find the M1 or M2 processor, although it would be somewhat strange, since it is designed for the most powerful iPads, 8.3-inch panel and a 120Hz refresh rate and an appearance with square edges and an aerodynamic body, similar to the one seen on the iPhone 14. 

Agenda keynote 2023

Beyond the devices that Apple can present in its 2023 keynote, it is time to give the key details in case you want to follow the presentation live or even when you can reserve the iPhone 15 .
It will take place on September 12 at 7 p.m. Spanish time , and can be followed on its YouTube channel or through the Apple website. When the day arrives , the page will post a live stream so you don't have any problems following it from here.

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