Samsung Galaxy A14 specifications,Review and price

 Samsung Galaxy A14 specifications and PRICE

Following the strategy that the brand carries out with its cheap phones, this Samsung Galaxy A14 is presented on the market as a very cheap mobile, but with such interesting features as a very original case, designed to bring a cutting-edge experience to younger users.

Emphasizing this, the mobile has a 50 MP main camera , which can zoom up to 10X, but digitally and supports PDAF autofocus. With this, the photos are not only sharp in daylight, but they defend themselves, bridging the gap with a top of the range in low-light and dark environments, since we must never lose sight of what price range they operate in. the device, closer to 200 than 300 euros.

Added to all this is a 6.6″ FHD+ screen , with a fairly high screen-to-body ratio, a MediaTek processor that offers above-average performance and a 5000 mAh battery that lasts almost two days under normal use. normal.

Price of Samsung Galaxy A14

The Samsung Galaxy A14 is a terminal that goes on sale in Spain for 209 or 229 euros depending on whether you want the 64 GB or 128 GB model. Either of the two can be purchased in black, gray or green accompanied by 6 GB of RAM.
Although it is a device that has recently been released on the market, we can already find it on sale in some places, especially when there are special days and the offers come to light, as is the case with Prime Day or Black Friday, where surely, we will see this Galaxy A14 at a good price.

Specifications and features of your Samsung Galaxy A14


On the front, the 13MP front camera supports AI Beauty feature, HDR mode, portrait mode, and more filters designed for cutting-edge photography. It is perfect for making video calls and manages to offer quite pleasant self-portraits.

ultra wide angle

Unfortunately, everything good that we can say about the main lens is not repeated in this 5 MP sensor that suffers from brightness problems and edge distortion.


A sensor that barely allows you to take great photos and that appears in the set more to add lenses than to offer real utility. Photos taken from 4 cm away are barely sharp and have too much noise.

night photo

Samsung Galaxy A14

The large aperture of the main sensor allows you to take photos, sometimes of quite quality at night, especially if we rely on some type of light source. Now, when it disappears, it will be difficult for us to focus and achieve sharpness in our captures on more than one occasion.


Without a stabilizer or too many creative options, with the Samsung Galaxy A14 we have to limit ourselves to recording in 1080p , with either of its two cameras, and at a standard speed of 30 fps.


The Samsung phone is one of many from the firm that offer a very large 5,000 mAh battery, which seems to have become one of the manufacturer's hallmarks. According to the brand, we should reach 48 hours through normal use, although experience tells us that it will be less, although not much.


Don't expect it to be the most powerful mobile phone on the market, since there isn't even a Qualcomm processor inside. Simply, there is a MediaTek G85 , an octa-core processor that makes this device a good terminal, but not the best within this price segment.

Samsung Galaxy A14

From what we have been able to test so far, it is not a mobile phone that is going to give us big problems when it comes to being used with several apps open and even working with multitasking. It is not that we can ask too much of it, always taking into account that the apps we are going to use are not going to consume too many resources . Even so, we really liked the performance that the phone has given without a doubt.

If you are a video game lover and are thinking about the possibility of using this mobile to play , you will indeed be able to do so but with certain limitations. And it is perhaps not the best option if what we want, above all, is to play the most demanding games on the market. In these cases we can play these types of games, although taking into account that we will not be able to do so under the best graphical conditions. Yes, we can do it instead to games that are not very demanding, such as Candy Crush.

Like most of these phones, it is sold with two memory and internal storage options: 6 + 64 GB or 6 + 128 GB with the option to expand via MicroSD . In this case, we can insert cards of up to 1 TB.


When we buy a new mobile phone, as is the case with this Galaxy A14, one of the first questions we have to ask ourselves when we get a new mobile phone are the accessories. To tell the truth, we find two types of accessories, those that are to protect the mobile and those that improve the mobile experience.

In this way, the first thing we have to do are those that are going to protect our mobile phone, so in any case, the first thing you should use is a protective case . In this way, with this new mobile phone in your hands, you will have the possibility of avoiding any damage when falls and other damages occur to the mobile phone. To do this, the best option you can have is to buy a case but one that has silicone and rugged edges so that it hardly suffers.

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