Analysis and Review: Oppo Band 2

 The Oppo Band 2 makes a great case for a low-cost smartwatch, but it still has room for improvement when it comes to fitness tracking.

Oppo band 2

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1. Introduction

2. Specifications

3. Main features

4. Design and screen

5. Features and performance

6. Tracking physical activity

7. Battery life

8. Should I buy it?


When you're shopping low-end in the world of wearables, there are an almost dizzying number of great value picks to choose from. The Fitbit Inspire 3 sits at the higher end of this chain, while lower-cost options like the Poco Watch manage to beat their prices and offer plenty of features.

We bring this up because at $/€59.99, the Oppo Band 2 has no shortage of competition in this field, but after spending several weeks using the device, we can say that it does more than enough good to be worth checking out. A look.


RRP: $59.99 / €59.99
Manufacturer: Oppo
Screen size: 1.57 inches
IP level: Not disclosed
Water resistant: 5ATM
Battery: 200mAh
Size (Dimensions): 29.1 x 10.6 x 45.3MM
Weight: 33G
Release date: 2022
Colors: Midnight Black

Main features

New 1.57-inch screen: Larger than the original 1.1-inch screen on the Oppo Band.

Collection of nearly 150 watch faces: Choose from tons of different designs.

Over 100 workout modes: Everything from yoga to swimming included.

Design and screen

Oppo Band 2 source oppo

1.57 inch AMOLED display
It only weighs 33 grams
Touch screen only, buttonless design
Right off the bat, the Oppo Band 2 strikes a good balance between having a reasonably sized screen that's easy to read and never feeling too heavy on the wrist. Weighing just 33 grams, it's easy to forget the Oppo Band 2 is there, and that keeps it from feeling uncomfortable, especially if you're wearing it to bed.

The 1.57-inch AMOLED display is quite impressive for the Band 2's price, displaying the watch faces and any other information clearly. However, there is no adaptive brightness, which can make it difficult to see the Oppo Band 2's screen in direct sunlight unless you have the screen brightness set to one of the highest modes.

Like the original Oppo Band, its successor features a buttonless design, so all your interactions with the device are relegated to the touchscreen. We usually prefer to have at least a rotating crown to make it easier to navigate menus, but we have to admit that we like the smooth look that the Oppo Band 2 has managed to achieve.
Even though the construction is soft to the touch, there is still a degree of robustness, as the Oppo Band 2 is water resistant up to 5 ATM , so you won't have any problems if you take it to the local pool or if you have the bad luck to get caught in the rain.

Features and performance

Music controls, Find my Phone and more
Amazing collection of spheres
Potential Bluetooth problems

Despite its affordable price, we were surprised at how well the Oppo Band 2 works as a smartwatch. For starters, everything runs smoothly during daily use and we have yet to encounter any slowdowns when moving through menus and training options.

There are also a good number of smartwatch features, including music controls, find my phone, and the ability to set multiple alarms. This is all very useful and it's great to see it all included for this price, but what really impressed us about the Oppo Band 2 is its collection of watch faces.

In addition to the handful of watch faces stored on the wearable out of the box, there are plenty of extras you can install via the accompanying HeyTap Health app. Honestly, it's one of the best collections of watch faces we've ever seen, on par with what Apple and Samsung are capable of offering.

Physical activity tracking

There is no shortage of workouts that can be followed
Daily effort is easily transmitted to the user
HRM resists intense training
Just like its smartwatch, we're impressed by the number of fitness tracking features Oppo has included in the Band 2. As for the number of workouts available to track, it's hard to find anything that isn't included - from badminton even bobsleigh, bungee jumping and skateboarding, it's all here. If you forget to choose one, you won't have to worry either, as the automatic workout tracking has been surprisingly agile, starting very early on an outdoor walk and stopping just seconds after we've stopped for a breather.

The Oppo Band 2 also does a great job of breaking down your daily effort into easy-to-understand metrics, similar to the fitness rings on the Apple Watch 8 , except this time your day is broken down into your step count, calories burned, duration of exercise. training and number of activities (standing and walking).

Everything is colour-coordinated, making it very easy to see how you've performed on a given day, so to make moves towards a healthier lifestyle, the Oppo Band 2 is worth considering to help you achieve your goals. goals. It's a similar case with the accompanying app, as all your fitness data is broken down into key information, rather than overloading the user with too much information.
When it comes to heart rate monitoring, the Oppo Band 2 is fine in certain scenarios. For example, during a less intensive session on a cycling machine, the Oppo Band recorded the same peak BPM as the Myzone MZ-Switch , while the average BPM was just one. This is pretty impressive for a wearable at this price, but it struggled with more intense workouts. Where the MZ-Switch peaked at 183 BPM during an elliptical workout, the Oppo Band didn't go above 179, something worth keeping in mind.

If your main method of exercise includes running outdoors, keep in mind that the Oppo Band 2 doesn't include a standalone GPS connection, so if you want to take a detailed look at your route after your workout, you'll need to take your phone with you. This isn't too surprising given that the feature is usually reserved for more expensive wearables, but if GPS tracking is necessary, then you might want to consider the Fitbit Charge 5 .

The Oppo Band 2 can also track your sleeping patterns, in theory, but in reality we've found the experience to be quite inaccurate. The biggest problem is that the Oppo Band 2 has constantly told us that we haven't gotten enough sleep, while our Whoop Strap 4.0 , by comparison, has told us that we've gotten just enough sleep. It's a shame, because the associated app offers some good written advice on how to improve your circadian rhythm, but it's paired with data you can't trust.

Battery life

Can have up to 12 days of use in certain circumstances
Charge from 5% to full battery in less than an hour

Although the smartwatch and fitness tracking experience on the Oppo Band 2 has some hiccups, the same cannot be said for the wearable's battery life, which is one of its best features.

On a single charge, we were able to get about nine days of use before the battery dropped to 10%, and that time included tracking multiple workouts, tracking sleep every night, and countless notifications coming from our phone. We don't think anyone will reach the two weeks of battery life cited by Oppo, but we do think that, in the right circumstances, 11 or 12 days could be reached, which is still practical. It's been a while since we left the country for a few days without having to carry a charging cable for the smartwatch, but that's exactly what we were able to do with the Oppo Band 2.

Charging is also a fairly simple matter, as we managed to go from 5% to a full battery in just 50 minutes, more than enough time to continue with your morning routine and have the Oppo Band 2 ready when you walk out the door.

Should I buy it?

You want a durable and affordable smartwatch: Nailing the basic features, the Oppo Band 2 has a great screen, practical features and long battery life, all at a very reasonable price.

You need a full-featured fitness band: If you need a more complete fitness band, you can find options like the Fitbit Charge 5, which includes built-in GPS, for not much more.

Frequent questions

Does the Oppo Band 2 work with iPhone?

Yes, but several functions such as Music Control and Find My Phone will only work with Android terminals.

Is the Oppo Band 2 waterproof?

Yes, the Oppo Band 2 is water resistant up to 5 ATM (50 meters).

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