What to watch streaming Netflix weekend (October 7-8, 2023)


Source: Gareth Gatrell/Disney+

Table of Contents

1. Loki: Season 2 (Disney+)

2. Bloody Sixteen (Prime Video)

3. Beckham (Netflix)

4. Lupine: Season 3 (Netflix)

5. Hurry to live (Netflix)

6. Fair Play (Netflix)

7. Mickey and Friends: Trick or Treats (Disney+ and Hulu)

8. The Boogeyman (Hulu)

9. Our Flag Means Death: Season 2 (Max)

10. Fright Krewe (Peacock)

11. Appendix (Hulu)

12. After. It all ends here (Prime Video)

The Halloween scares begin in earnest this weekend, along with some tales of thieves, footballers, pirates and trickster gods.

The pile of content is huge and you have all weekend to decide how you want to cut it. We're in the midst of an intensifying streaming war, and there are too many shows and movies to choose from, spread across too many video streaming services. So we make it easier for you. Each week, we highlight streaming content we're looking forward to watching or think you should try based on demand. Turn on your streaming device of choice and start watching.

Loki: Season 2 (Disney+)

The biggest villain turned semi-hero (twice) of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is back. Tom Hiddleston's Loki once again teams up with Sophia Di Martino's Loki Sylvie and Owen Wilson's Mobius (not Morbius ), agent of the Temporal Variation Authority, in the official fight against Kang the Conqueror that will mark the MCU during the next years.

Beckham (Netflix)

Not all streaming football coverage in the US needs to be about Wrexham . Fisher Stevens (of Succession and Cortocircuito ) directs this multi-part documentary about the most famous footballer in history.

Lupine: Season 3 (Netflix)

The great French thief Assane Diop (Omar Sy) returns for another season of adventures, although all he wants is to flee Paris with his wife and son. It was never going to be so easy.

Rush to Live (Netflix)

It is possible that this British series wants to be the next Sex Education : it was previously titled The F***-It Bucket . And the protagonist is a girl who has left the hospital after a long stay and is ready to conquer the world with her list of things to do before she dies.

Fair Play (Netflix)

In this Netflix original movie, Phoebe " Bridgerton " Dynevor and Alden " Han Solo That One Time " Ehrenreich play a work couple who hook up and discover their luck changes in a way that could harm their relationship and more.

Mickey and Friends: Trick or Treats (Disney+ and Hulu)

Let the kids watch a stop-motion Halloween special with Disney superstars before the big day of the candy hunt arrives.. 

The Boogeyman (Hulu)

Another horror original: Hannah is going a little crazy and it manifests itself in a creature.

Our Flag Means Death: Season 2 (Max)

The pirates of The Revenge return under the flag (which means death) of the pirate knight Stede Bonnet , who was a real person, but probably nothing to do with actor Rhys Darby (from The Flight of the Conchords ). The first three episodes are now available.

After. It all ends here (Prime Video)

The fifth and final installment of the After movies arrives , in which Tessa and Hardin have their last chance at love. But maybe not with each other.

Fright Krewe (Peacock)

The animated scares are a little more adult than Scooby-Doo in this new series from Peacock Kids.

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