Android 14 is a long time coming: the update aims to coincide with the Pixel 8

      Android 14 release

Android 14 is a long time coming: the update aims to coincide with the Pixel 8
Android 14 in pixel 8 

Google has Android 14 on the starting grid, but it seems that a last-minute problem has forced the launch to be delayed

The launch of Android 14 is being delayed a little compared to the date on which many of us expected it. We expected it to come out between mid-August and the first days of September and, when various rumors pointed to a launch this past September 5, things went wrong .
In fact, that date had been around for weeks. Now, the launch of the stable version of Android 14 points to the same presentation date of the Pixel 8 , and it is something that would affect companies that were planning to update their phones to Android 14 at the end of September.

Wait another month for Android 14

Android 14 has been in beta since April . It could only be tested on certain devices from Google itself and, in our initial look , we did not find any revolutionary changes

That changed little by little with the launch of new betas and the opening of it to mobile phones from other companies . However, there are users who do not want to install a beta version (either for optimization, because they do not have the appropriate device or because there may be errors) who eagerly await the final version.
With the arrival of Beta 4 in mid-July and its numerous improvements , everything seemed to indicate that the release of the final version would occur in mid-August, but this was not the case and it was not released on September 5, the date on which certain rumors pointed out .
Now, Mishaal Rahman (one of the most reputable sources in the Android universe), points to a new date: October 4 . Rahman claims to have heard that the Android 14 source code has been delayed until October 4 and it is a date that coincides with the presentation of the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro 

He does not comment on what happened, but he does say that it was a last-minute decision that would have caught different manufacturers by surprise . In fact, a few days ago OnePlus announced that it would update its phones to Android 14 on September 25 and it is a date that could now be in question.

Mishaal Rahman

Will Google let a mobile phone that is not a Pixel officially update to the latest version of Android 14 before its own devices? We will see what happens over the next few days, but it would be the first time that the launch of the final version of Android has been delayed to coincide with the launch of a Pixel.

What we did have during the afternoon of September 5 was the design change of the android . Something is something and whoever is not consoled is because they don't want to.

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