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 How to detect fake AirPods

Lots of fake things are selling in the market like as u heard of Every premium product has a cheap Copy. 

So now apple AirPods Has the Same problem like there are many types of fake AirPods selling in the market. For a normal person its difficult to differentiate. So i brought You step By step Guide How you can avoid Buy Fake AirPods.

How to find Out Fake AirPods

Don't rely solely on the serial number  It is not a sure way to know if AirPods are original: it is increasingly common for them to have original serial numbers... repeated. You can even search for it on Google in case there are already previous references on the internet. If there are: falsification. If not: let's not take anything for granted.
Fake also come with serial numbers

2.Look for the plastic

Inside the AirPods case there is a base that separates the case from the ear tips and instructions at the bottom. The original model is made of cardboard. If it is plastic, it is a sign that it is a counterfeit product.
Plastic in case

3.Try the different sound modes 

If you can try them before you buy, check that the noise cancellation and transparency mode work as they should. It is possible that they can be activated but the sound does not change at all. If that happens, they are fake.

4.Just a pairing sound

Again, only if we can try them before we buy them. When we put on the AirPods and they pair with the iPhone, they play a sound that confirms the pairing. Just once. If they play it twice, once per earphone, they will be fake.

 Check if you can add them to the Search network 

The originals are automatically incorporated into the Search application, in the 'Devices' section. If they are not, they will not appear there.

Read the stickers and packaging carefully 

 It is very common for them to present writing errors. For example, they talk about "ipadOS" instead of "iPadOS", "ios" instead of "iOS" or similar errors.

Look for imperfections in any element

From the closure of the case to the cutting of the instructions, square with rounded corners. If something does not have a perfect finish, it is probably fake.

In the case of the Max, look for the hole to remove the headband 

It is found when removing the pads. If there is no hole , they are fake.

Pay attention to fonts .

Although in some places they match, in others, such as the printing on the case or a sticker, they are sometimes different from the originals. The images in this article can help you guide yourself.

The weights 

Including headphones and case, without box or accessories, the AirPods 3 weigh 46.47 grams (MagSafe version). The AirPods Pro 2, 61.4 grams. And the AirPods Max, 519.3 grams. Bringing a precision scale to one of these transactions can help detect if the weight is different

And as general advice... be wary .

Perhaps fakes will soon be perfected and some of the above advice will no longer work. It's not even useful to be guided by the price: fake AirPods can often be found for 100, 120, 150 euros. They are not counterfeit prices, but they exist. If you have the slightest doubt, assume that you may be dealing with a fake.

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