Fake AirPods are a growing problem:

 Fake AirPods are a growing problem: it's hard to tell them apart from the real thing... but we have some tips


They don't make the covers, they don't receive reviews on Xataka , very few people boast of buying them. They are there, they move among us, but like an elephant in the room, almost no one wants to talk about counterfeit AirPods . So as not to bother those who we have detected who use them, or so as not to have to reveal that we are one of them. Why is that guy looking at my ear so much?
The headphones that redefined a category (there were TWS headphones before AirPods, but since these arrived nothing has been the same) are an incredibly popular counterfeit in second-hand markets and Asian e-commerce stores. The problem is that they are not always sold specifying that they are counterfeit. And the problem is that they are very successful copies on a visual level.

On a functional level they are another story.

Fake AirPods Are devil

Fake AirPods, for some time now, have focused their sales on the Pro model. It is not surprising: in terms of costs, it does not matter if you fake the basic model or the Pro; At the level of income they allow you to get more money and at the level of functions it does not matter whether they incorporate noise cancellation or transparency mode, because none of that works.

The point is that its appearance, from the box to the headphones, including the case and the instructions, is so well done that it deceives more and more people . To those who believe they are finding a sale at a good price on a second-hand market and are not aware that they are fakes.

This is the case of Javier, from San Sebastián, who explains to us that a breakdown in his 1st generation AirPods Pro made him look for 2nd generation ones on Wallapop. "There were many, I thought that starting at 100 euros was a reasonable price. I already knew that there were fakes, but I thought that at that price I would find them originals. Even so, when I asked if they were originals, some told me no. One told me yes, and gave me the serial number so I could check on Apple's website to see if they were authentic. They were, and they had a valid warranty."

All these problems ended up with eric in an official technical service, where they confirmed that they were false. "There I connected the dots and understood everything." There are many cases originating from Wallapop: although the platform prohibits the sale of counterfeit products and closes the account of those who do so, they can hardly be detected through a simple advertisement that deceives by saying that they are authentic . The platform is full of these types of products.

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