Different between fake and Real Airpods

 In this article We will be looking closely the difference between fake and real AirPods. Because in the market there are so many Fake AirPods which people buy and Later realise they have bought Fake AirPods.

Original Fake AirPods

They gave me the serial number to verify that they were authentic, so I did. When they arrived, everything seemed perfect: the box, the materials, the pairing... Then I started to notice that they disconnected a lot, that the cancellation was not working well... I went to the Parquesur Apple Store and even an Apple employee, at first, thought they were original . But then a colleague arrived and detected that they were fake. She also told me that that serial number was assigned to many others pairs of AirPods and many people had gone to an Apple Store with the same problem as me, and with the same code as me.

That's where one of the problems comes from: counterfeiters get the serial number of authentic AirPods Pro, either by buying some or trying combinations until they find one that works, and then they replicate them in the boxes of all the fakes

A side of the box that even includes the labels and serial numbers, just like the originals. Image provided

Fake AirPods serial number 

Counterfeiters can recreate basic firmware that tells the system a specific serial number, but not access other features such as iCloud integration or instant device switching.

This means that sales of counterfeit AirPods usually have something in common: sometimes it is the seller himself who boasts of having it, and even includes it in the photos of the advertisement . Something unusual for someone who sells original products.

Historically, the serial number of an Apple product has been something that a second-hand seller protected, and only facilitated with the sale on track. With fakes it is common for sellers to brag about having it, and include it in the photo

Exactly that happened to cristian, from cali "I was looking for some AirPods Pro 2 and in an ad I saw that one told me that they had been given to him, and that's why I didn't have an invoice. He bragged about the serial number, I checked it and it came out that it was authentic. He also told me the mythical phrase, 'I only opened it to check that everything is fine.' I warned him that if they were fake I would detect it, he assured me that they were authentic, and I stayed with him."

And he detected it: another nearby ad, from Arteixo, offered other AirPods Pro with the same serial number. It turned out to be the same seller. "There he died for me, I didn't buy anything from him. I told him they were fake because of the serial numbers and he said that was just my opinion."

Fake AirPods material 

also detected that some material in the box was not the original. " The base of the case inside the box was plastic. Apple never does that, they use cardboard ." This man from A Coruña works as a digital product designer, so he detected minutiae, such as animations that were less fluid than they should be, or a double pairing confirmation sound that should have only been one.

The indicated parts (protective paper of the case and base that separates it from the pads and cable) sometimes arrive in plastic when it comes to counterfeits. The originals never come in that material, but rather in cardboard and greaseproof paper. Image provided.

In the case of Rubén, from Valladolid in Valencia, the advertisement was more innocent: a teenager assured him that it was a gift they had given to his mother, and when Rubén detected that they were fake, he returned the money, apologizing and appearing upset.

"Visually they seemed perfect, case, headphones and box. But when I put them on and started listening to music I knew they were fake. The quality was bad, the cancellation did not work. Then, searching, I saw, for example, that the font of the code was not correct "But even the serial number worked for me." An experience that already sounds familiar to us. They cost 120 euros.

Fake and original

Image 1 Fake.   Image 2 : Original 

 On the back of the case we can also notice the difference between the thickness and color of the font. Images provided.

Fake original AirPods 

The text printed on the elbow of the headset is where counterfeits most often hit. On them, the text is silk-screened with forcefulness and thickness. In authentic ones it is especially faint and barely noticeable. Images provided.

That's another big problem with these fakes. Faced with AirPods worth 10 or 20 euros, anyone would suspect that they are fake. If they cost 80, 100 or 120 euros, one may think that this is a bargain that is within the normal range . Some of these fake models cost up to 150 euros.

Something like this also happened to Miguel, from Alicante: he received some AirPods Pro as a gift from some friends, but he immediately noticed, based on the sound quality, that they could not be authentic. His friends bought them in a Chinese online store believing they had found a great deal, but without suspecting that they were fake.

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